At Madden, we work hard to get the job done. But above all else, our #1 goal is to ensure the safety of every person at Madden’s facilities and in the surrounding areas. Every team member at Madden is an owner when it comes to safety. We promote a culture of accountability in every facet of work, which means enforcing safety in everything we do.

When it comes to safety, the status quo is never enough. We seek continuous improvement of our safety program, constantly assessing our processes and implementing ongoing training on proper protocol and equipment. In order to reduce the potential of accidents, front line workers are specialized in operating particular machines and processes.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is always enforced on site and all of Madden’s lead technicians must complete OSHA-30 training and CPR/First Aid training. Our open door policy creates an empowering atmosphere where an employee has the ability to stop any potential unsafe work and exercise control over their work environment. Through teamwork and interdepartmental cooperation, we are committed to creating high quality products in the most safe, efficient manner.