One faulty bolt, embed, or cage can cause catastrophic consequences: the integrity of the structure you are building may be compromised; delays can impact other project timelines; and reconstruction can exponentially increase your operational costs. Madden’s 70-year track record of success allows our customers to maintain peace of mind. Even after decades in the fabrication industry, we still strive to improve our quality control program through improved processes and specialized training.

Madden’s quality control department and management team perform various checks throughout the fabrication process to immediately target any defects and make appropriate adjustments before delivery. We actively engage customers along the way to ensure accuracy of designs and specifications. After the product is fabricated, it undergoes a galvanization process, each piece is meticulously cleaned with our centrifuge machine to prevent defects resulting from debris or clumping.



Testing equipment used during our inspection process to validate fabrication and customer requirements are calibrated to NIST standards. Records are maintained to support calibration results. We perform a vigorous internal inspections to determine material sizes, thickness, overall length, threads pitch, nut-to-bolt assembly, coating thickness and several additional inspections to ensure we are meeting our customer requirements.

Our quality program requires that all welding meets the requirement of AWS D1.1 for welder certification and Table 6.1- for Visual Inspection Acceptance Criteria.

All material that is received from our suppliers meets the requirements of ASTM. Test reports are submitted from the supplier to validate those requirements.

Fabrication Standards: ASTM A123, A153, ASTM F-2339