Why Engineers Look to Steel

structural steel fabrication Houston Madden Bolt Discusses 4 Reasons Why Structural Engineers Look to Steel Beyond its superior strength, there are many reasons why engineers rely on steel to construct building structures. Madden [...]

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Madden Bolt Corporation Contends as Qualified Unique Steel Fabricator with AISC Certification

HOUSTON, March 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Madden Bolt Corporation recently announced earning its AISC certification following more than a year of re-processing and planning to meet the highest of steel fabrication standards. With only half [...]

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Michael Devience Joins Madden Bolt as QA/QC Manager as Company Nears AISC QMS Certification

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Madden Bolt Corporation ( announced today that Michael Devience has joined the operations team as Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manager and will lead the company’s customer satisfaction and continuous improvement initiatives. Madden Bolt is [...]

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Madden Bolt Advances Fabrication Team with New General Manager, Steve Orphey

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- After rolling out their new operational program and attaining their AISC certification in December 2016, Madden Bolt continues to advance their market position with the addition of General Manager, Steve Orphey. Orphey holds [...]

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Speed Matters but so Does Size: Madden Bolt and Its Band of Bending Machines

When you have several customers knocking at your door with a thousand count order of different-sized anchor bolts, you better be sure you have everything covered down to the nuts and bolts. At Madden Bolt, [...]

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Madden Bolt Corporation Elevates Quality Standards in Steel Fabrication with AISC Certification

Houston, TX (December 15, 2016)- Following a year of planning and preparation, Madden Bolt Corporation earned its AISC certification, further demonstrating its commitment to delivering quality steel products to the different customers it serves within [...]

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