Type of Client:
EPC Contractor

Fabrication Needs:

  • stair stringers
  • handrail scopes
  • catwalk steel
  • a wide array of embedded steel
  • small revisions to structures
  • unique steel components for proprietary processing system

Unique Steel Fabrication Needs:
The client approached Madden Bolt to fabricate a wide range of structural steel components for an industrial facility that spanned 400 acres. The client also enlisted Madden Bolt to produce steel parts for a proprietary processing system that entailed special fabrication of wire mesh screens.

Advantages and Results:

  • On-Time/Before-Time Delivery:
  • Because Madden Bolt can saw cut, drill, build, and galvanize steel parts on-site, it was able to fabricate and deliver some last-minute revisions for the customer in a matter of days as opposed to weeks or months.
    Madden Bolt’s on-site
  • galvanizing service also allowed the EPC contractor to complete the fabrication process using only one vendor. Even the customer’s larger steel components were galvanized and delivered at a third of the time (or less) than the average industry time, which is typically 10 days for galvanizing alone.
  • Cost and Operational Efficiencies through Quality and Service:

With Madden Bolt’s AISC quality control mechanisms, on-time delivery, and immediate response to discrepancies, the customer was able to avoid a ripple effect in production, which typically involves costly delays. Madden Bolt also houses Certified Welding Inspectors to eliminate the need for the customer to perform additional inspections.

Special Considerations:
Wire mesh screens were to be fabricated from stainless steel for corrosion resistance to prevent the screens from breaking down when exposed to certain elements like salt and chemicals.

Unique Challenges
Customer’s design specifications for mesh screens required very precise and tedious hole drilling. With certified welders in-house, Madden Bolt was able to provide elaborate welding for different parts. The order also entailed high labor and handling.

In-House Tools and Techniques Used:

  • Saw cutting
  • Welding
  • Visual Welding
  • Quality Control including Inspections
  • Galvanizing
  • Magna-Particle Weld Inspection
  • X-Ray Testing
  • Third Party Testing.