After rolling out their new operational program and attaining their AISC certification in December 2016, Madden Bolt continues to advance their market position with the addition of General Manager, Steve Orphey. Orphey holds a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering and has served in management capacities at Northwest Manufacturing and Hong Hua where he oversaw change management initiatives to help earn ISO certification for both companies in a matter of months.

Steve Orphey’s operational background will be leveraged to help Madden Bolt become safer and more efficient. At Northwest Manufacturing, he helped initiate a tool tracking system that decreased set up time by forty percent and shrinkage costs by fifty percent. Today, he is responsible for key operational initiatives within Madden Bolt’s fabrication team that includes employee engagement, cost management, quality, and operational efficiencies.

“Right now, I’m working on establishing key performance indicators for the team, so we know exactly what we’re striving for,” said Orphey. “But one of the most important factors in determining our opportunities for improvement is engaging our front line.”

With a targeted focus on quality over the upcoming years, Madden Bolt will also rely on Orphey’s quality control experience to assist the QA/QC team in defining and resolving gaps. Just in October of last year, Madden Bolt added QA/QC Manager, Michael Devience, to lead the quality team. Business Operations Manager, April Spencer commented:

“Together, these two strong additions to our leadership team will have an immense impact on our operational capabilities and our ability to exceed customer expectations.”

About Madden Bolt Corporation

Madden Bolt is a longstanding beacon for unmatched speed and expertise in the manufacturing of custom anchor bolts, steel plate products, embeds, and miscellaneous steel assemblies for customers across the United States. Our in-house processes and onsite galvanizing services result in the best lead times across the steel fabrication industry.

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